View App Store and Google Play in multiple languages

When having apps that have a store presence in multiple languages, it is useful to view it in the different languages supported by the app.

This is possible without hassling by modifying the urls.

View app in multiple languages in App Store / iTunes

The App Store has the following parameters:

  • The country the app viewed in can be modified, this is added within the url.
  • The language within the country the app viewed in can be modified.

We have an app to teach children Spanish. Its default url is:

This will show the app as it is shown up in US App Store in the default store language.

To view it in another language, add the ā€˜lā€™ url parameter with the two-digit language code.

To view it in another country, insert the country code in the url right after

Some examples for app above:

View in US App Store in Spanish:

View in English, Australia:

View in Spanish, Mexico:

View in Dutch, Belgium:

View app in multiple languages in Play Store

The Play Store has the following request parameters:

  • hl: the two-digit language code (e.g. es, en, en-au, de)
  • gl: the two-digit country code (e.g. mx, us, nl).

Some examples:

View in Spanish, US:

View in Australia, language English, dialect Australia:

View top selling family apps in Mexico:


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